No. Akaun : 564070002461
          Bank : Maybank, Jalan Ipoh, KL.

  • Bowlers banner  Weekly - Every Wednesday 

      (8:30 pm - 11:00 pm)

      Metro Point, Kajang

      Datang, jangan tak datang!!!!

  •      Inviting all to Tryout Scuba Session
              at a swimming pool.

              Please call Baderul Nizam (batch '87)
                    +6019 2644651

                Bring your family.

  • Learn and play RUGBY among STARIANS together.

    Current and new players are encouraged.

    Every Thursday, 5pm Padang Utara, P.Jaya.

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Written by Staroba Admin on .

Tarikh: Rabu, 24 Julai 2013
Masa : Mulai jam 6.00 petang
Tempat : Ruang Lobi, Menara DBKL 3, Jalan Raja Abdullah, Kuala Lumpur.

Kita akan solat Maghrib, Isyak dan Tarawih secara berjemaah di Surau, Tingkat 2. Marilah kita bersama-sama mengimarahkan majlis sambil menyemarakkan silaturahim sesama kita.AJK STAROBA berharap kawan-kawan akan dapat memberikan sumbangan RM30.00 seorang untuk menampung kos.

Sesiapa yang ingin memberikan sumbangan lebih dari itu amatlah dialu-alukan. Sila masukkan atau transfer ke dalam akaun Maybank STAROBA 564070332831 dan kemudian SMS kepada Bendahari STAROBA sdra Faizal Prai Mahadi @ 0123897546 untuk tujuan pemantauan.




Book Your Seats NOW!!!!!

Written by Megat Iskandar At-Terawis on .

Gentle reminder to all Old Boys. Get your tickets to our annual dinner - themed 'A Gathering of STARs'. Tickets can be purchased online



Gathering of Stars 2013 promo video from ix telecom on Vimeo.

Why you should attend the dinner:

  • to meet fellow STARians, obviously!
  • to contribute to STAROBA and STAR - since the dinner is also aimed to raise funds
  • to enjoy the night
  • opportunity to win lucky draw prizes (trust me...the prizes are AWESOME!) 
  • Atilia will be entertaining you...
  • Yus Jambu too....
  • ... to do things that you would only do with STARians....

Not to forget, there is a special discount for younger batches - (only Fivers of 2008 until 2012 are eligible)


Come one, come many. The more, the merrier! Get yourselves and your STARian friends to join the dinner!






Congratulations to our newly-elected YBs

Written by Megat Iskandar At-Terawis on .

17 of our Old Boys competed at the General Elections on Sunday 5th May 2013. From these 17 candidates, 10 successfully elected as YBs for their respective contituencies. STAROBA would like to extend our best wishes to all successful candidates and we look forward to your contributions to the nation. Plus, not to forget, YOUR CONTRIBUTION to STAR & STAROBA!!!



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